Monthly Fees For Fitness

The world is trying to hope we don't notice that they are nickle and diming us to death. I use YNAB and when you spend $5 on Disney, $12 on Netflix, $15 on Hbo, etc it adds up. The fitness industry is hoping that we are just using to having monthly fees and will just "tack on another one

I just heard about the Whoop app. The hardware is free, but there is a $30 monthly fee. You make that as low as $18/month if you pay $324 for an 18 month membership.

Coming in on the other side of the spectrum you have the Amazon Halo. The unit is only $99 and the monthly feed is $4.  You get six months free when you purchase the unit.

Fitbit has a $10 Premium version that includes workouts. They offer a higher tier "premium with coaching" that includes messages for 1-on-1 coaching, data-driven guidance. This service clocks in at $55/month. If you use none of the Fitbit premium version you lose out on advanced insights.

Pelton charges you $39 a month (and that is after you buy the bike)

iFit wants $39 a month or $33 if you buy yearly. iFit now is used by Nordictrak, Pro Form, and Freemotion equipment.