Logical Weight Loss Podcast

Like listening to a friend

I've been listening to this podcast for years and I wanted to leave a review based on my experience: Dave is very very relatable an I think that is why I can always go back and re-listen to episodes, or hear new ones and feel comforted and inspired.
The episodes are timeless because he's not chasing the newest craze, or giving you the latest "Dr. Phil" advice.
What I like most about Dave is that he's just like me, he's a normal person who struggles, has moments of weakness and in the end is optimistic of the future.
The advice he gives is solid, the reviews of new tech come from a normal perspective and not from a salesman, and in the end I think his take away message is that it's about living a healthy lifestyle, not following the newest fad or trying the lose weight the quickest way possible.
The production quality is (almost) always good, (when he goes for walks with his recorder it does have its charm although sometimes hard to listen to.)
When his scale is down I feel triumphant with him, and when his is up I feel motivated by his future plans and positive attitude.
To end this long winded review I would like to thank Dave for continuing this podcast and never giving up, in the end that is my favorite part, how inspiring not giving up can truly be.

Feb. 9, 2015 by Seequinn on Apple Podcasts

Logical Weight Loss Podcast