Logical Weight Loss Podcast

I really like listening BUT

It’s depressing how much he bounces back and forth with his weight and seems to constantly make excuses as to why he keeps gaining weight despite the podcast before he talks about making better decisions or something similar. The guy is very relatable and I enjoy listening but it seems like he doesn’t really want to lose weight. Also it seems like he is just advertising atomic habits the last several episodes and not really giving any other kinds of advice.

UPDATE: I think it’s really cool you read my review and addressed all of my points. I admit I might’ve been a little harsh as I struggle with many of the things you do and am most likely projecting on you. I do appreciate all the advice you give and I will keep listening as I try to change my own habits. Best of luck and thank you for being so open and honest about your life.

April 8, 2019 by Brightside92 on Apple Podcasts

Logical Weight Loss Podcast