April 25, 2023

Long Lasting Motivation

Long Lasting Motivation

This podcast discusses three ways to achieve lasting motivation: raising ambition, detaching from the past, and envisioning a better future. It explains that motivation needs to come from an ambition for a better quality of life and the importance of focusing on future aspirations instead of present or past circumstances.

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Why do we lose the motivation we have on the first day of the year?

I'm listening to the book The 6 Habits of Growth on Audible, and it really got me thinking.


We get excited about the future on January 1st, and we say things like, "This will be the year," and for the next few days, or weeks, and for a few, a few months, we take steps. But eventually, we fall back into old habits.

So to figure out what to do, just repeat January 1st.

  • Think positively about your future. Make ambitious goals
  • Keep the goals in front of you
  • Start off the day in the right direction
  • Monitor your success



Start off your day doing five minutes ot:

  • Reading something positive
  • Moving


Another strategy to stop being overwhelmed is to think of THREE things you need to do today and ONLY focus on those three things.

I have been doing this and I am AMAZED at how good doing little things like "Putting my dishes in the dishwasher into the sink" or "Clean the fan today." These "Little wins" give you the confidence to move forward.



Instead of saying, "I'll never complete this project on time," add a "So I'm going to ______." This shows you are not giving up, and points you toward action. It shows that you have a figure-it-out mentality.


So many people feel you need the motivation to move, but that is backward. Your ambitions inspire you to move. When you move, that movement creates momentum. That momentum boosts our confidence which influences us to keep going and keep focusing on our goals.

When you lose your motivation, what is happening is you lose what you’re fighting for.



The book points out the power of Journaling (it is self-reflective and can again help you stay focused on your goals. I started using Day One, and I love it. In the past, I've used Penzu.

You can do more with a "Workout buddy," so I created the Monthly weight loss challenge. There is no unrealistic goals, no money, just friendly competition with a built-in support group. The whole thing is free.

If you lose some weight and want to give some of that value back, that would be awesome, but it's not mandatory.




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The Six Habits of Growth

A great book about personal growth that inspired this episode. There is definitely more than enough mentions of his app, but the book still has value. Check out audible at www.logicalloss.com/audible

Monthly Weight Loss Challenge

Absolutely free support group and monthly weight loss challenge. Go to


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