A No-nonsense approach to weight loss hosted by Dave Jackson a regular person like you trying to lose weight. He shares what is and isn't working for him, inspirational stories, and weight loss gadgets. Presented in a fun and entertaining style.


About Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson lost 25 lbs in his thirties by exercising twice a day and eating a lot of lettuce. Twenty years and one divorce later he is finding it harder to lose weight doing the exact same thing. Over the years of this podcast he has lost, and gained, and lost and gained, but he never quits. Come along with the journey. 

About the Host

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Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson is not a Docotr or Trainer, he's a person just like you trying to lose weight. He knows the older he gets, the harder it gets. Its now or never. It won't be perfect, but quitting only leads to more weight gain, and I want to be around for the great nieces and nephew.