May 18, 2023

Why I'm Avoiding Maltodextrin

Why I'm Avoiding Maltodextrin
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In a journey to try to find something to flavor my water, I came across the ingredient Maltodextrin and found out:

  • It can be used as an insecticide
  • It hurts your gut
  • Creates a MAMMOTH sugar spike in your blood
  • It's made from Corn, which (most of it) is GMO
  • It increases E coli

It is in EVERYTHING (including my protein powder from GNC or a Vegan protein powder). When I looked at all the ingredients to flavor your water, I wanted something that didn't have any of the following:

  • Maltodextrin
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Aspartame

I was amazed at how this stuff is just in everything. Why? Because it's CHEAP.

Cirkul Flavoring Your Water Your Way

This is an exciting system where you can buy a bottle or just a lid, and you slide this capsule into the top with a flavor packet and pick how much of the flavoring you want (so you decide how much flavor you get).

I was drinking an Advocare product with a lot of caffeine that wasn't cheap. So far, one capsule (about $4) lasted me a few days (which is much less than what I was doing).

My favorite taste is tea with lemon. Some of them (watermelon/strawberry) just tasted sweet. Checkit out.

Keto Mojo

I am in my 50s and can't see much of the lower half of my body due to my belly. I've had enough. My mother had Type 1 diabetes, so I'm at risk, and I'm not "hoping" I don't get it; I want to see where my blood sugar is, so I bought a Keto Mojo kit. This should arrive next week, and while I'm not looking forward to pricking my fingers, a member of the Monthly Fitness Challenge uses one and says it's not that big a deal, and you barely get pricked. So more information on this in the future.

If you are interested, you can save 15% using this link (aff)

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