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Thought Provoking

I really enjoy listening to this at work to help keep my mind off snacking and reminding me how not worth it is to mindlessly snack! Only drawback is that I wish you did podcasts more frequently! Thanks for sharing your struggle and helping me to continue to think about what I put in my mouth and w…

Great podcast

Love to listen to Dave. Have listened for a long time. It’s nice to hear that someone has the same struggles with working out and eating healthy. Also always has good stats, health info, books and websites. Keep it up Dave! Thank you for sharing!

Great lessons on weight and life

I love Dave’s honesty and relatability. He’s the kind of guy you’d want next to you in the trenches because he’ll make you laugh despite the miserable struggle. His podcast not only motivates me to lose weight but his podcast is rich with nuggets about life that have proven very effective. His skin…

Love this podcast

Dave is a highly relatable and funny guy and above all he comes across as very honest and highly transparent and trustworthy. It is true that he is moving back and forth on his journey to find his path to fat loss for life, but I prefer this 100x times more than a fake Dave that would just tell m…

This motivates me

I’m down 90 lbs since July and your podcast helps me. Thank you!

I really like listening BUT

It’s depressing how much he bounces back and forth with his weight and seems to constantly make excuses as to why he keeps gaining weight despite the podcast before he talks about making better decisions or something similar. The guy is very relatable and I enjoy listening but it seems like he does…

I like this podcast

Been listening for several years and really enjoy Dave. He is down to earth and I appreciate the fact that his issues are similar to my own

As a Health and Wellness Coach

Dave, as a Health and Wellness Coach.... I really enjoy listening to your show!! This is a no Nonsense show hitting issue's that everyone needs to hear! Thom

Just a regular guy

That's what I relate to Dave most with this podcast. He's just you're regular guy. Things happen, his weight goes up, life goes on. You just gotta pick yourself back up & get back to eating right & exercising. This podcast has helped inspire me & over the course of several years I've lost 75 pounds…

Love this podcast

I have listened to this podcast for several years. I absolutely love it. Why? Because Dave is perfect? Because Dave has all the answers? Nope, because Dave is like me and he is honest about his struggles. While I am totally rooting for his success, I know that some day he will get there and t…

Are you reading my mind?

I really like this podcast. There are lots of podcasts out there who have already lost all their weight, and now they're trying to tell us how to do it. So if you don't know what you need to do to lose weight, you might prefer one of those. But the reality is that most of us already know HOW to do …

Thanks Dave!

For letting us in on your conversation with yourself throughout this journey! "Whiney little girl eh?" No one is forcing that listener to listen! Even when you are critical or negative it is for a positive reason! "You can do this!" Thanks Dave!

Like listening to a friend

I've been listening to this podcast for years and I wanted to leave a review based on my experience: Dave is very very relatable an I think that is why I can always go back and re-listen to episodes, or hear new ones and feel comforted and inspired. The episodes are timeless because he's not chasi…

I like it a lot

This podcast is not for everyone, but it sure is for me! If you are looking for a Biggest Loser get-thin-quick solution, this isn't what you're looking for. If you are looking for a "here's how I lost 100 pounds," this isn't what you're looking for. However, if you struggle with your weight, here …


I like Dave. I find him inspirational and interesting. The fact he struggles with his weight makes him more like the rest of us. If your listening to his podcast it's obvious you have had issues with weight. I know I have had. I like his anecdotes and stories he finds on the Internet. Keep up the g…

Great tips!

I found this podcast not very long ago and have really enjoyed listening while I'm walking, mowing the lawn, or driving. I find Dave to be very motivating and entertaining. Your tips are helpful and you have been motivating me to dust off my Fitbit and get those 10,000 steps in each day. Thanks!

My favorite Podcast

This is such a comforting podcast. The world needs David Jackson. I listen to him because he is going through similar challenges around weight loss and he learns right in front of us. He's a regular person whose podcasts sit with me for years after he produces them because he's doesn't pretend to b…

This show helped me a lot

I really really like this show! I like the gadget tips and the fact that David Jackson goes though the same struggles as everyone else. I am looking forward to more podcasts. Keep it up!

Get with It

David, I really like listening to your Podcast which motivate me, but come on, you've been doing this for three years, and you're at an all time high for weight. Let's get it going in the right direction.

Need more

Really enjoy your podcast! So real!! I'm like the rest of your "fans" just wish it was more often, your like just having a buddy going through the same thing with the ups and downs of real life! Do not leave us! And hope your wife is doing well after her surgery!

good podcast

really enjoy the podcast just wish it was more frequent


So glad I found this podcast. It's just what I needed.


I am not sure I agree with everything Dave says but he is honest and says he does not expect us to agree with everything. A lot of weight lost podcasts have experts have been fit and in shape for some time, Dave helps me see the real side of things, he even admits to having a hard time with soda li…

A supportive friend in weight loss, not an "expert"

This podcast will not give you scientific breakthroughs in weight loss or tell you of a magic pill or way to lose weight fast. What the host Dave does is offer any information he knows/finds that can make the weight loss journey a little better. The quotes and his enthusiasm to want to motivate are…

Keep it up.

Hello I recently started listening to your podcast and I think it's great. I am also a great fan of jillian m. I have been on the quest to a healthy lifestyle for over 6 years. I now hold a degree in health and exercise science and have a great passion for helping others meet their goals. You hav…


I really enjoy this podcast. I subscribe to several and this is one of my favorites. I am finding it hard to find people to discuss my weight loss journey with and he helps me feel connected and movitivated. I am not as technologically inclinded as he is but I just skip the parts about that stuff. …

Just Awesome

Just started listening to the podcast and have completed 10 episodes. I'm just loving it!!!

Great, relatable podcast

This podcast is great, very motivational and easy to relate to, also a huge Dan of fitbit myself and I like all the tips on maximizing fitbit (like connecting to earndit and loseit...really appreciate the time it takes to make a podcast and it's great! I cant wait for my new episode each week!!!!

Very Entertaining and Helpful

I love this podcast and find it extremely entertaining and helpful, like having a pocket coach with you. Yes, he does review a lot of commercial products but I appreciate that, because he gives an honest rundown of positives and negatives to each one. Some things are an affiliate program but not ev…

Very motivating :)

Great podcast. Just listen to the one and it stop me from eating before going to sleep

Logical Weight Loss

A dude in the basement with a microphone. Love it! Great quality, good content, enjoyable and extremely motivating!

Logical Weight Loss

Excellent and informative podcast - Highly recommend if you're interested in health and healthy lifestyle and weight loss.

Just like listening to a friend!

Great podcast. Great info. Entertaining

Great podcast!!!

Found this podcast after hitting a bit of a plateau in my own weight loss. I listened to all of the past ones available and eagerly await all of the new ones. As far as the sponsors go, people need to realize that while podcasts are primarily free for us to download, they DO cost money to create.…

Great motivator

Love this podcast which I found by accident. Host is down to earth and practical. He researches his topics and gives great tips, advice, and motivation. I appreciate the short length of the podcast as I usually only have small pockets of time to listen. I use this podcast as a daily motivator to ke…

Great show

It's a great way to stat motivated and constantly learn different ways to help you stay on track with you wieght loss or just trying to be healthy.

Real Support for Real People

I love this podcast!!! Dave is a real person who works through the challenges of weight loss and maintenance. I enjoy listening to his true life experiences, that we all faces. He gives me the much needed motivation between my WW meetings. I also purchased the Skinny Songs cd after hearing the …

LOVE THIS! Real Guy, Real World

I'm so glad I found this podcast. Dave is a real guy living in the real world, talking to us about how he works his weight loss on a weekly basis. I like the way he just puts it out there, how he can tie the weight loss struggle to events happening (like the Super Bowl podcast), I even liked the po…

VERY good!

This podcast is fun, motivational and educational. I love the energy. Dave is a normal guy, living a normal life who also has a podcast. This podcast is FULL of helpful little tidbits. Ones that I have found extremely helpful in my own life. I also like that he reads so much. Then gives a review. S…

A great tool for weight loss!

Been listening to this podcast for a while and it's one of the better ones here. It's interesting to hear someone talk about the same weight loss struggles that you're going through. Add to that his helpful hints, a wide array of reviews, interviews and constant motivation it's a no brainer. Love t…

Excellent Podcast, GOOD JOB Dave

I truly enjoy listening to this podcast! Not only is David down to earth and human, he is also very informative and is doing all the reading and researching for me. David has an excellent sense of humor and keeps me laughing. Thanks for all you do!

Very well done!

This is a well-produced and informative podcast. While there are obvious sponsor plugs, the amount of time spent discussing the sponsor's product is not too much to be a turn-off. There are several segments to the show featuring timely scans of latest news, in-depth research discussion, answers t…

Great Podcast!

Dave is very easy to listen to and motivating.

Hi Dave

I am so glad to hear you again on these podcasts! YOU keep me motivated! YOU make a difference in my day and life. You have struggled along with us and you have made these podcasts down to earth. You say how you feel and I believe in you. You have become a friend, a motivator, a true blue weight lo…