Oct. 31, 2015

Making Sustainable Changes You Can Maintain

Making Sustainable Changes You Can Maintain

Making Sustainable Changes You Can Maintain

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I've been asked by some listeners to start some sort of crowdfunding through sites like Patreon.com. I wanted your opinion. If you have 30 seconds, I have a four question survey (4 question survey) that will help me decide.

At my worst at the beginning of Audio I was 229 lbs. I joined program called "Slimgenics" on 8/10.

  • I weighed 220.6
  • I was 33.1% body fat
  • My chest was 44"
  • My waist was 43.5"
  • My right thigh was 21"
  • My hips were 44.5"

77 Days on October 26th I got measured again.

  • I weight 210 (so I'm down 10 lbs)
  • My body fat is 27.9% (down 5.2%)
  • My chest is 42.5" (down 1.5")
  • My waist is 44.25 (down 2.25")
  • My right thigh was 20" (down an inch)
  • My hips are 44.5

You can see my calories before and after joining the program in the chart below


This goes back to the words of my friend David Greenwalt of Leanness Lifestyle Univeristy, "If you're wondering why you're not losing any weight - IT'S THE FOOD."

Next Question: Creating Sustainable Life Changes

So I quit drinking mountain dew. I quit getting food through the drive through. I've had ONE piece of Halloween candy. I drink 80 oz of water a day. So in looking at how to make sustainable life changes, there are some things we need to keep in mind.

1. Plan and prepare.

2. Start really, really small.

3. Stick to 5 minutes.

4. Find a trigger.

5. Set up accountability.

6. Acknowledge success.

7. Create a support system.

8. Plan for disruptions.

9. Increase your time slowly.

10. One change at a time.

I Finally Found a Bathroom Scale I Like

I bought the fitbit Aria but it was not consistent (I once stepped on it and over three readings they scale fluctuated four lbs). I bought the Taylor Smart Scale (that uses Bluetooth) that said it would connect to MyFitness Pal (but it didn't). I finally just bought an Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale that I can step on multiple times and get the same reading. It measures everything there is to measure including: body fat percentage, BMI, skeletal muscle, resting metabolism, visceral fat, body age, and weight. I don't expect the body fat and other items to be super accurate (but I do want the weight to be spot on, and so far it is).

I also love that I can actually read what the measurements are as I pull the meter out of the base and hold it up to my face. Awesome. I do miss the automatic syncing feature, but it takes all of five seconds to open my phone and enter it manually in my fitbit app.

A Better Way To Drink Water

So I've been drinking 80 oz of water a day (and losing lots of weight running to the bathroom), but Water is not my favorite. It's not hard, and at time I do just force my self to chug and swallow, but it would be so much easier if I actually liked the flavor. If only there WAS some flavor. So many of us turn to think like MIO flavoring. Well this is a pretty bad choice. When I scanned it in the Shop Well app, it gave it a grade of 51 (out of 100) and flavored water isn't much better (56).

Fruit Fusing Water Bottles

I first learned about Fruit Fusers on Shark tank, and the sharks said everyone could steal this idea and they did. I see them all over the place. Here is one that comes with a book of recipes.

Here is a link on Amazon if you are interested

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Weight Loss Challenge Spreadsheet

Some of us are motivated by a little competition, or we dreamed of being on a tv show like the Biggest Loser, well now you can create your own weight loss challenge using the weight loss challenge spreadsheet. This spreadsheet has done all the math and shows the participant's weight loss as a percentage of their body weight. Play solo or teams, it all in the spreadsheet.

Go to weightlosschallengesheet.com You lose the weight, we do the math.