April 26, 2016

Misto - PRIME - Self Esteem

Misto - PRIME - Self Esteem

How to build your self esteem part 1

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Misto is a cool easy way to mix in Olive Oil into your cooking

As I am cooking more and more, I need the right tools. Some of hese recipes talk about spraying your meat with Olive Oil. So I found a Misto. This thing is cool. You pour in your Olive Oil about 1/2 way, pump up the canister and spray. Super easy and it's less than $10.

Save Time with Amazon Prime

I wasted a night this week running from store to store and not finding what I was looking for. Then I realized I had an Amazon Prime account, and it has free two day shipping. So I'm worried saying this. I don't want you to use this tool to sit on the couch. I want you to take that 20 minutes you saved, and get up and go walking! But I've started using it. Today I ordered Sunscreen, and a baseball hat after getting too much sun this weekend. You can pay $10.99 a month, or $99/year ($8.25 a month), and I have even purchased can goods like Green Beans. If you plan this ahead (something you don't need for two days) it's a great time saver. Oh yeah, in some cases there is no tax (so you save time and money). Check it out 

The Six Pillars or Self-Esteem

I started listening to this book called The Six Pillars of Self Esteem by Nathaniel Branden after hearing about it on a podcast. I'm only through chapter one, but it makes sense. We need to know we have the capability of thinking, making decisions, just like anyone else. We are not stupid. 

We need to believe we have worth, and that we are worth fighting for. When we don't believe that we don't try, and then say, "See I told you I couldn't do it" and spiral in the wrong direction. I'm interested to hear more. I'm surprised he hasn't listed what the six pillars are, but I'm still listening. 

You can listen to an audio book for free by going to www.logicalloss.com/audible and starting your free trial (cancel anytime) they have TONS of books, and I really like the way they suggest books for you. I've found some great books at audible

This post originated at www.logicalloss.com/295

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Weight Loss Challenge Spreadsheet

Some of us are motivated by a little competition, or we dreamed of being on a tv show like the Biggest Loser, well now you can create your own weight loss challenge using the weight loss challenge spreadsheet. This spreadsheet has done all the math and shows the participant's weight loss as a percentage of their body weight. Play solo or teams, it all in the spreadsheet.

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