March 27, 2015

More Harsh Facts About Soda

More Harsh Facts About Soda

More Harsh Facts About Soda

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Everybody I know that is losing weight seems to always seem to say the same phrase:

..and I quit drinking (insert soft drink name).

For me I've been stuck on Mountain Dew since I met a girl in my teens who drank it like water (and her ENTIRE family did as well). I go on and off the "Dew Wagon." I've had people say they are tired of me talking about mountain dew, so I want to put to rest. I have placed a counter on the right side of the screen. 

I just need to quit drinking it. It's not impossible. 

A can is 170 calories, and 20 oz bottle is 290. 

A 20 ox bottle five days a week is 5800 calories a month (1.65 lbs )

A 12 oz can five days a week is 3400 calories a month. (almost 1 lb). 

If weight loss is calories in vs calories out. I can easily lose a pound a week by cutting out soda/pop. 

Here are the articles I talked about today. 

Monster Drink Aids in Teens Death

My Veins Collapsed Due to Drinking Mountain Dew

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