Feb. 8, 2015

Practicing Not Quitting - Other People's Opinions Are Non Of Your Business

Practicing Not Quitting - Other People's Opinions Are Non Of Your Business

Practicing Not Quitting - Other People's Opinions Are Non Of Your Business

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I turned 50 today. It's scary. 30 was 20 years ago, and 70 is 20 years from today. I know aging 30 to 50 went FAST. Its kind of spooky to think how fast 50-70 will be.

I was listening to Michael Hyatt's podcast and he was talking about always finishing the race. It really inspired me he talked about a race where a woman had fallen and not only did she get up, but she got up and ran as hard as she could and actually won the race. 

So we know that no quitting will build out character. We wish there was a better way, but it is those times when we face adversity that really shapes us.

My mother died when I was 29. I was going to college and finals were the following week. To make a long story short, I wasn't permitted more time to take my finals. I had to take them the same day everyone else did. I thought I would never be able to focus enough to study and pull it off. I don't remember what I got, but in the end I got the degree.

You have strength you didn't know you had, and you don't learn this about yourself until you are tested.

Your response is your responsibility. Today is my birthday, and I know I have cake and ice cream in my future. Consequently, I am having a very light breakfast, and I will do the same for lunch. This way I can enjoy the traditional birthday party with my family. Wait, ice cream and cake? My birthday is the 8th. It's not a week long celebration. Tomorrow is the 9th. I will get back to dinking my water, taking my steps, and getting back on track.

I'm Using the Pump Up App

I've mentioned this in the past. Here is why I like it.

1. Custome workouts. If you have weights, machines, etc fine. If you don't - fine as well.

2. You can set goals, and schedule workouts. Make an appointment with you. You are a very important person. Don't break that appointment.

3. Allows me to exercise anywhere.

4. Its free.

What may discourage you about the app.

Lots of pretty people on the website. While this may motivate you as you want to look like them, I can see it as a trigger to think, "I'll never look like that, or those people are young, I'm not.." Be ready to check the negative self-talk at the door.

Start Slow

Be sure to start out slow. I did a 15 minute workout and I'm soar today (remember to give your body 24 hours to fully respond to the exercise and always contact your doctor before starting any kind of regimen). I'm reaching to for Fitness Soak Spray to help relieve my muscles, and I'm getting back on the train. I know stronger/bigger muscles are something that (while hard to create) will make weight loss easier in the long run.

For videos go to www.logicalloss.com/




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