Dec. 7, 2014

Test Drive Your Post Weight Loss Surgery Lifestyle

Test Drive Your Post Weight Loss Surgery Lifestyle

Test Drive Your Post Weight Loss Surgery Lifestyle

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I have a friend of mine who is planning on having weight loss surgery. It doesn't matter what kind, but in the end it is probably not going to work. 

Why? Because her weight is not the problem. It is a symptom. Numerous people have had surgery and found ways around the shrunken stomachs to eat themselves fat. Why? Because their weight was a symptom. A symptom of a problem. What problem? I don't know, but THAT is what they need surgery on. They should be in therapy for that, not under a knife to remove half their stomach. 

vomitWhen Was the Last Time You Vomited?

I think my friend is under estimating the discomfort of vomiting. She explain that if she eats to much she will vomit. I don't know about you, but if I can do ANYTHING to avoid vomiting I will. Don't forget the extra expense of the bills for paying for the surgery. Don't forget that in some cases you end up with a body that can't process nutrients anymore. See the story from NBC

Take Your New "Healthy" Lifestyle for a Test Drive

My friend says she can't eat "Crap anymore." So let's do that. Don't eat crap. Try vegetables and fruits for snacks. Don't eat pizza and if you do limit it to one piece. Track your calories RELIGIOUSLY, and if you DO go over, find something that is REALLY PHYSICALLY UNCOMFORTABLE to do (for me it might be eating liver). Do something you don't want to do. Why? Because after your surgery and your body is telling you "You better get to a bathroom RIGHT NOW," I'm pretty sure you're not going to want to do that either. 

Fix the Problem - Not the Symptom

There are so many things that cause us to go for the refrigerator. There is stress, emotional issues, job, family ,friends, etc. All of these are typical. These are the problem. We USE FOOD to dull the problem. We USE FOOD to dull the pain. If you're are not hungry FOOD IS NOT THE SOLUTION. 

It's simple, but its not easy. In fact, its very , very, hard. 

My friend pointed out that doing a podcast about weight loss hasn't helped me. I admitted I know what to do, but I don't do it. So now I'm motivated to do the right thing to help her see if you do the right stuff you CAN Lose weight. 


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