Jan. 25, 2015

The Power of Belief - Finding Time To Walk - Ninja Pro

The Power of Belief - Finding Time To Walk - Ninja Pro

The Power of Belief - Finding Time To Walk - Ninja Pro

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In the past I had a juiceman juicer and I loved making Apple Carrot juice, but it was an absolute PAIN to clean. I used it a few times, but the pain of cleaning out weighed the joy of the juice. recently I kept hearing about Ninja Pro blender to making smoothies. I went and purchased one and it works great. I did try to make some "juice" using this system and it basically made Apple/Carrot pulp. MMMMMmmmm just like mom use to make. I added some ice cubes and some water and it made it drinkable. It was not the YUM that I got from my Jucing days (but it also took 2 minutes to clean). I forgot how much I love APples and in you have one of these you can really have a fun snack in two seconds (and again almost no cleanup). You just put it on the Apple and push down and you get instant Apple Slices. I've been using my Ninja to make some chocolate banana smoothies with Peanut Butter. They are yummy and they keep me full. I use Chocolate Flavored Weigh protein or Shakeology and throw in some bananas and just a hint of peanut butter. I did start lifting weight this week. I just started and I feel great. I leave these hands weight in the living room.

Never Stop Believing

The Seatle Sea hawks were down going into the fourth quarter and they won their game and are going to the Super Bowl. The quarterback threw four interceptions. How did they win? They never stopped believing in themselves. I often say that you can't change the way you started your life, but you can change the way you finish. I'm sure those athletes can understand that. People were counting them out. People were leaving the stadium. People were thinking, "It's over." As long as you are breathing, it's not over. You can do it.

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