Sept. 20, 2020

Apple Watch Six Vs Budget Atria Alterantive

Apple Watch Six Vs Budget Atria Alterantive

Do you need Blood Oxygen Level Reasings?

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Apple came out with version sixof their watch with a new feature of measuring your blood oxygen level. Do we need this?

What is it?

It measures how much oxygen is in your blood.

What Happens If We Have Lox Oxygen Levels?

Low levels may be the result of a lung disease such as severe COPD that inhibits oxygen flow, or it could indicate there is carbon monoxide in the air, which the body will mistakenly use to replace oxygen.

It can be symptoms of:

Having a low blood oxygen level (hypoxemia) can present a number of problems. Symptoms can include a blue tint to the lips, skin or fingernails, chest pains, confusion, coughing, disorientation, headache, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath and wheezing. Many of these signs of hypoxemia can also be symptoms of COPD and other pulmonary issues, so it is essential that if you struggle with breathing or heart problems, you pay close attention to your symptoms. Any increase may mean that you are not getting sufficient oxygen.

Conclusion - Not So Fast:

Yes, it is new and shiny. A new feature that could be helpful to track your health especially if you have lung issues, or sleep issues. It can raise a red flag. The $400 price is a bit much, but let me know explain why.

Aura Ring

After saving for over a year I bought an Aura ring for $300. This is great for tracking your steps, temperature, and sleep. The addition of temperature and something you can wear while you sleep (as the battery lasts long) its pretty cool. But not so fast. 

I already have an Apple watch, and for me, I didn't really gain much except the better sleep tracking and temperature. I did have a bit of buyers remorse. Not because its a bad gadet, but you don't get much if you already have an Apple watch, or even a Fit bit. 

There is even a more inexpensive option

I was looking for budget gadgets and alternatives to the Apple watch or Fitbit (as all of these are getting expensive).  I found a great tool called the Fittrack Atria. 

Forget the daily recharge with a 7+ day battery life to not miss a single thing! All-new FitTrack Atria will start tracking your sleep, heart rate, breathing along with receiving all of your notifications from your phone. There are 7 Exercise Modes to make sure you’re getting the right information.

If you use the link you save an additional 25% discount. 

  • All-day tracking
  • Get text message, calendar reminders
  • Sleep tracking
  • Heart Rate Tracking
  • 120,000 Happy Customers 
  • The best part $129, now on sale $99. 

The new Apple watch is $399. The "scaled down" version is $329

The Fittrack Atria is on sales for $99

The Fittrack, Smart Body BMI Scale is also $89.95 (a Withings scale is $95 )

 FitTrack scales are a simple and effective solution to stay motivated. Measure, track, and trend your body vitals over time with 17 Health Measurements at the comfort of your fingertips. 

I'm impressed with their features and pricing. I don't have any of these items, and may not order them (as I have enough gadgets). If you have one (or order one), let me know as I'd love some first-hand insights.

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