Calorie Tracking

More accurate and less expensive than MyFitnessPal. Cronometer is a great app that gives you TONS of stats, and their database is much more accurate. You can group common foods together in a recipe, scan labels and the software INPUTS the information FOR YOU. Works on both Apple and Android (or just use their website). 

Breath Analyzer

The Lumen breath analyzer is packed with tons of science in determining if your body is burning more carbs or fat (and lets you know so you can make adjustments). The more you know about your body the better you can manage it and make adjustments for success. see

Water Reminder

I love the Ulla water reminder. No more weird bulky bottles and apps that don't sync. This reminder straps to your favorite bottle and flashes to remind you to drink. So simple, so powerful. I loved mine (and it has a replaceable battery so you won't need a new one in 9 months).


Fittrack Data Smart Body Scale use the coupon code logical

Withings - Scales, Watches, Sleep, Trackers

Fitness Tracker

FitTrack Atria Activity Tracker use the coupon code logical

Favorite Books

Chasing Cupcakes - If you find yourself saying, "I don't know why I'm starring at the fridge at 11 PM..." this book is for you. This book holds up a mirror to help you really see you, and help you come up with a plan that works for you. This is not a "you can't eat this or that" kind of book. Most of the problem with weight loss that gets labeled as "motivation" or "will power" starts with your thoughts and this amazing book has great example after great example. One of my favorites. Check it out at Amazon or listen to it on Audible

Don't Eat This Book: Fast Food and the Supersizing of America - If you love fast food this book from the director of "Super Size Me" movie gives you more than enough reasons to kick this stuff to the curb. Available at Amazon and Audible