June 21, 2015

Change Your Decisions - Change Your Life

Change Your Decisions - Change Your Life

Change Your Decisions - Change Your Life

Is This You?

You don't FEEL like exercising.

You don't FEEL like eating healthy.

So you don't.

This leads to you NOT exercising and eating right.

That decision leads to you feeling bad about yourself. It damages your confidence.

With less confidence, you don't FEEL like you can lose weight. It's too tough.

You FEEL horrible, sad, dejected.

You know you'r not a loser, but you sure feel like one.

Or Is This You?

You're honest.

You're caring

You have integrity.

You keep your word.

You've tackled tough things in past

Then Do This?

Put the decision you WANT to do, on your calendar.

Then do it. Even if you don't feel like it. DO IT (you said you were a person who keeps their word)

When you are done you will FEEL better (tired, but better).

You WILL have MORE confidence.

This leads you to believing you CAN do this.

The positive FEELINGS lead to you gaining confidence.

But it means doing things that you may not WANT to do.

But in the end you WILL BE doing something you WANT to do and that's be healthy.

Make Your Decisions on Logic - Not Feelings

I'm not saying be a robot. We all have feelings, but they can be manipulated and lead us in the wrong (non-healthy) direction.

This makes sense. It's logical. It's simple.

It's not easy.

One more time.

It's not easy.

If it was easy, we'd all be thin.