July 26, 2020

Cronometer: An Easier, Faster, More Accurate Way to Track Your Health

Cronometer: An Easier, Faster, More Accurate Way to Track Your Health

My new favorite food tracking apps

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Today I have the product manager of Cronometerwhich is my new favorite app for tracking my food. Here is why:

Recipes:You can use these ingredients to create a dish, but you can also group food together. Tired of adding both the milk and the protein powder? Same them under a recipe and add the recipe and they are both added to your diary.

Accuracy: They have PEOPLE check the labels if you find a food that is not in their HUGE database. 

EASY: If you find a food not listed, take a picture of the data label, and the app "reads" it and enters the information into your custom food for you.

Less Expensive: There is a free version (if you don't mind ads) but if you want to go pro its cheaper than MyFitness Pal.

Check Our Cronometer

Check it out at www.logicalloss.com/foodtracking 

Thanks to Maria for the review in Apple Podcasts. If you want more content become one of the Logical Losers our private Facebook group and accountability club at www.logicallosers.com

Now go make good choices!

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