Nov. 5, 2020

How Meghan Lost 240 Lbs

Meghan Does What Works FOR HER

Today I'm interviewing Meghan from who lost 240 lbs in 17 months.


My Weigh In

The days of fast food are over as I'm up 2 lbs. My three month project of moving into a house is 98% done, so expect to see this number go down in the next episode (which should be much more regular).


See Meghan Shrink

What an amazing story! Here are some key points.


Meghan played football on the boys team.


She use to eat out all the time

Introduced to vegetables via seasoning

Had that accountability of a partner (see )

Focused on the activates not the number on the scale

Set a small goal that she could accomplish on a daily basis.

She used a journal (I use

She rewrote those negative scripts in her head.

She use supplements to give her a boost.


Find out about her coaching, food ideas, instagram, and more at


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