April 17, 2016

Mindfull Eating - Fitness Gadget To Keep us on Track

Mindfull Eating - Fitness Gadget To Keep us on Track

Mindful Eating
There was an article on Mindful Eating at  it has some interesting points.

Use all five senses. 
Only eat when you're hungry. 
Serve media-free meals. 
Involve kids in the prep work. 
Make meals a...

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Mindful Eating

There was an article on Mindful Eating at Spark People it has some interesting points.

  1. Use all five senses. 
  2. Only eat when you're hungry. 
  3. Serve media-free meals. 
  4. Involve kids in the prep work. 
  5. Make meals a positive experience. 
  6. Talk during meals. 

Meal Prep Heaven 7 Day Container

This Meal Prep Heaven 7 Day Container set is enough for a full week and it has three compartments. One larger one for your protein, and two for veggies and fruit. The best part is you get the whole set for $15 and they are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Umoro One Multi function Water Bottle & Drink Shaker w/ Top-End Storage - Portable "Protein Blender" for The Fitness Minded

I'm not entirely sold on the Umoro One. The idea is it's a shaker bottle that stores the power/smoothie items in the top of the bottle. When you choose you press a button and the power/mix hits your water and it turns into a shaker bottle. The idea being you can use it as a water bottle an then when you're ready to add some protein, etc you press a button. I thought that was cool until I saw where it's a one time use of adding the power. The price is $25, and for me it doesn't fir a need. Check it out.

Hapi Fork Eating Coach

HAPI fork Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Fork. The smart fork that coaches you into healthier eating habits. The HAPIfork is the world's first smart fork. It's an electronic fork that lights up and vibrates when you are eating too fast. As it takes 15-20 minutes to feel satisfied, by simply slowing down your pace while eating, you will consume fewer calories. Pair with your smartphone or tablet over Bluetooth to see your eating stats in real time. Download the HAPIfork app for iOS or Android and connect it to your device via Bluetooth to check: How long it took to eat your meal The number of "fork servings" (each time food is brought to the mouth) per minute A timer to help you pace your fork servings Actual intervals between fork servings Your success rate and overspeed ratio Upload your eating data for analysis and coaching. This data is then uploaded via USB to your Online Dashboard on HAPI.com to track your progress. Here, you can also follow an online coaching program to help improve your eating behavior. With the Online Dashboard at HAPI.com and the mobile app, you can: View and manage all the data from your devices Set your workout objectives, track your progress and score points in the HAPILABS challenge Share your HAPI moments online with your friends. More friends... More fun! GC Product Specs Power: Rechargeable Lithium. Check it out.

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Weight Loss Challenge Spreadsheet

Some of us are motivated by a little competition, or we dreamed of being on a tv show like the Biggest Loser, well now you can create your own weight loss challenge using the weight loss challenge spreadsheet. This spreadsheet has done all the math and shows the participant's weight loss as a percentage of their body weight. Play solo or teams, it all in the spreadsheet.

Go to weightlosschallengesheet.com You lose the weight, we do the math.