Aug. 24, 2020

Smart Jump Rope - No Longer Kids stuff

Smart Jump Rope - No Longer Kids stuff

Jumping Rope Has Grown Up

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Today I share where I've been (Moving). It's not fun.


In the meantime I had gained some weight, and the good news I lost it and I'm back to 225


Right now I have so much stuff on my plate it is not leaving any margin. This is not a good plan. This is somewhat obvious, but in case you didn't notice.

When you're time is booked 24/7, when you say YES to another thing, it means you are saying NO to something else. For me this meant my exercise time went away, and consequently the weight cam back on. Bummer. I realized this, and adjusted my eating a bit, and took my situation (Moving) and turned it into exercise (you can burn calories cleaning).

I know right now in a pandemic thing and priorities are all screwed up, but never forget that if you're booked solid and say yes to something, you're going to have to say no to something else.

There are only 24 hours in the day.


You can get a really nice jump rope for a reasonable price.

They now make Jump Ropes with counters

Then I heard about Smart Jump Ropes.

Smart Rope Rookie: An App-Connected Jump Rope that Motivates You to Jump to New Heights

SmartRope Rookie, or just Rookie for short, is a true and improved fitness experience like never before. The smooth and easy handling of this jump rope makes your next cardio workout a pure breeze. Far from being a simple jump rope, the Rookie connects to the free SmartRope app, which tracks your workout stats, exercise progress and lets you challenge others to a jump rope competition. The Rookie is the future of connected fitness in both your hands!

SmartRope app is our app that connects to the Smart Rope Rookie, which receives and relays your workout information in real time. The information provided through the app creates an “anytime, anywhere” fitness experience. The SmartRope app is available on Android or iOS devices, as well as fitness wearables!

Jumping rope is a workout that can be done virtually everywhere. Think of all the reasons we don’t work out - it’s raining, we’re too busy today, we don’t want to add yet another monthly expense to the budget. If you have a few square feet and a few minutes, you can have an incredibly rewarding cardio workout, at work, at home, or anywhere else. Combined with the advanced technology of the SmartRope app your workout, and body, can only improve!

If you love competition, gamification, stats, and tracking.. you'll love this

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