June 14, 2015

Weight Training Benefits & Fighting Food Cravings

Weight Training Benefits & Fighting Food Cravings

Weight Training Benefits & Fighting Food Cravings

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I recently read an article from Michael Hyatt and he started doing some weight training and brought up the five most important benefits that have NOTHING to do with bulking up

  1. Better metabolism. 
  2. Weight loss. 

  3. Strengthened bones. 

  4. Improved mental function. 

  5. Heightened well-being. 

You can read the full story here.

Another articltalks about ways of battling Sugar Cravings. 

I'm happy I'm down to 218.8. This is partially due to losing a tooth and not being able to eat "sharp food". This includes peanuts, chips, popcorn, for three weeks. What am I eating instead? Fruits and vegetables. I'm not shocked that this then results in weight loss. are you?

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