July 31, 2019

Why I Dumped My Fitbit for an Apple Watch

Why I Dumped My Fitbit for an Apple Watch

Today on the show I talk about Fitbit lost my account. As in a decade of information went up in smoke (thankfully most of the weight tracking is in my fitness pal. Tomorrow will be one week without so I ended up going and getting an after hearing...

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Today on the show I talk about

Fitbit lost my account. As in a decade of information went up in smoke (thankfully most of the weight tracking is in my fitness pal. Tomorrow will be one week without so I ended up going and getting an Apple Watch Series 4 after hearing some friends say how cool they are.

Apple Watch Features

Really customizable screen

Apple health seems to integrate with everything

It does NOT grade how you sleep but there are apps that integrate with Apple health that do.

I can't really tell as I can't login into my Fitbit account, but my Apple Watch shows that my resting energy was 2157 after one day. This would explain why if I eat 1900 calories or less I would lose weight.

While Fitbit's are geared toward measuring calories in, activity and showing you the deficit, Apple Health is more overall health. My Withings scale integrates with myfitness pal and you can use my fitness pal to integrate with Apple health.

Nonhealth things I love. I love that I can listen to my podcasts and have my phone in my pocket and skip and fast forward etc on my watch. I love that I don't have to sync with my phone. It operates on its own. I realize the Fitbit Charge is $150 and the Apple Watch is close to $500 so its not a fair comparison. It would be better to compare it to the Fitbit Ionic which is $250.

In the end, I'm happy with my Apple watch. My wallet is lighter which makes it easy to walk.

Built-in Accountability Partner

In the Apple Activity App where you can set goals for calories burned, exercise minutes, and how many times you stand a day, you can share that with contacts on your phone.

What About Fitbit Challenges? - Enter Stridekick

I found a great app that is free (as long as your group is under 10 people) called Stridekick  that allows you to make challenges where the person with the most steps wins after a certain number of days. Here are the types of challenges:

Streak: Track the number of consecutive days you've successfully hit your step goals, and motivate your fellow steppers in streak mode.

Target: Aim for a total step goal for the challenge and track your pace and make sure you will your target before the end.

Journey: Challenge yourself in a virtual long-distance race. Participants can track in real-time where they are along the journey's path.

Leaderboard: Leaderboard allows competitive steps to achieve the ultimate glory by making it to the top of the leaderboard for best steps

Stridekick Let's Everyone Participate No Matter the Platform

According to their website:

Stridekick offers cross-device compatibility making it the perfect place for everyone to play. We support most major fitness trackers, including:

Android Phones - Android 4.2 or above through the Google Fit app.
Apple Watch
Fitbit - Zip, One, Flex, Charge, Charge HR, Surge, Alta, Blaze, MobileTracker app
Garmin - vívofit, vívofit 2, vívosmart, vivosmart HR, vívoactive, vivokí, **
Google Fit (Android, Pebble, Xiaomi)
IPhone 5s and above - Apple Health App (Polar, Pebble, Xiaomi, and more)
Misfit - Flash Cyclist, Flash, Link, Ray, Shine, Shine2, Speedo Shine, Swarovski Activity Crystal
Withings - Pulse, Pulse O2, Activité Pop, Activité, Activité Steel
Note: We are always looking to expand our list of supported devices. If you don't see your device in the list above, let us hear about it!

**Stridekick can usually connect with the Garmin Forerunner and Fenix devices, however, we can only pull from devices that report steps. If your device doesn't report steps, it will not sync with Stridekick.

Freshly Food - Good, Quick Food

There are so many food delivery services, and I've tried some but being a finicky eater (no mushrooms, no peppers, nothing too spicy) it's hard to find one that works for me. 

I was very impressed with the food from Freshly. I loved the Tukey meatballs with Zoodles, and other dishes. The peppercorn steak was really good for coming out of a microwave. 

Unlike other delivery services where there is some food prep, this is like someone delivering gourmet TV dinners. You pop 'em in the microwave and three minutes later you're eating good food. 

I will say there were some inconsistencies. The first time I ordered the Turkey meatballs they were amazing. The second time, they were great. This week I felt like the chef drop some pepper in the mix as it made my eyes water it was so spicey. I even checked on the website and this dish is not supposed to be spicy so I don't know what happened. 

Time or Money

I mentioned in a previous episode I threw together some things into a bowl with a nod towards chipotle. It was 

one cup of brown rice

3-5 oz of cubed chicken

Grape tomatoes

a sprinkling of mozzarella cheese.

Shredded iceberg lettuces

A dash of salad dressing. 

When I did the math it costs me $4.72 per serving and takes me three minutes to make (and that includes cubing the chicken and slicing the tomatoes in half). 

The price of a freshly meal is $12.50 a meal. The time you are saving is shopping and putting away the groceries. 

They make it really easy to start and cancel (although they really try to get you to stay). They have gluten-free, and vegetarian meals as well.

Most of their meals are between 450-700 calories. The meals I purchased were pretty heavy with salt. They were shipped well, and nothing was ever in danger. They pack them well to stay cold. 

Check them out at www.logicallos.com/freshly

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