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Very motivating :)

Great podcast. Just listen to the one and it stop me from eating before going to sleep

Logical Weight Loss

A dude in the basement with a microphone. Love it! Great quality, good content, enjoyable and extremely motivating!

Logical Weight Loss

Excellent and informative podcast - Highly recommend if you're interested in health and healthy lifestyle and weight loss.

Just like listening to a friend!

Great podcast. Great info. Entertaining

Great podcast!!!

Found this podcast after hitting a bit of a plateau in my own weight loss. I listened to all of the past ones available and eagerly await all of the new ones. As far as the sponsors go, people need to realize that while podcasts are primarily free for us to download, they DO cost money to create. I have no problem for Dave recouping some of his costs by targeted live ads in his podcast. So forget your sense of entitlement for free, ad-less podcasts and thank Dave for doing what he does! Thanks for the help Dave!! Keep it up!

Great motivator

Love this podcast which I found by accident. Host is down to earth and practical. He researches his topics and gives great tips, advice, and motivation. I appreciate the short length of the podcast as I usually only have small pockets of time to listen. I use this podcast as a daily motivator to keep me on task with me weight loss.

Great show

It's a great way to stat motivated and constantly learn different ways to help you stay on track with you wieght loss or just trying to be healthy.

Real Support for Real People

I love this podcast!!! Dave is a real person who works through the challenges of weight loss and maintenance. I enjoy listening to his true life experiences, that we all faces. He gives me the much needed motivation between my WW meetings. I also purchased the Skinny Songs cd after hearing the theme music on David's podcast. Thanks, David. Don't ever stop sharing with us and motivating us!!!

LOVE THIS! Real Guy, Real World

I'm so glad I found this podcast. Dave is a real guy living in the real world, talking to us about how he works his weight loss on a weekly basis. I like the way he just puts it out there, how he can tie the weight loss struggle to events happening (like the Super Bowl podcast), I even liked the podcast where he took us for a "walk" with him. He said if he could do his podcast in the 20-30 minutes it took him to take his daily walk, then we could fit walking into our daily lives. Dave - real guy, real world weight loss, funny, conversational, no preaching, no stupid plans. You'll be glad you gave him a little time out of your busy day!

VERY good!

This podcast is fun, motivational and educational. I love the energy. Dave is a normal guy, living a normal life who also has a podcast. This podcast is FULL of helpful little tidbits. Ones that I have found extremely helpful in my own life. I also like that he reads so much. Then gives a review. Saves me time. lol This podcast just rocks. I did have to dock Dave one star because you have to buy a membership to his site to hear past episodes....but....we all have to make a living. No shame in that...however, I'm keeping my star :) Keep'em coming Dave!

A great tool for weight loss!

Been listening to this podcast for a while and it's one of the better ones here. It's interesting to hear someone talk about the same weight loss struggles that you're going through. Add to that his helpful hints, a wide array of reviews, interviews and constant motivation it's a no brainer. Love the new show opening and format! Thanks and keep up the fantastic work.

Excellent Podcast, GOOD JOB Dave

I truly enjoy listening to this podcast! Not only is David down to earth and human, he is also very informative and is doing all the reading and researching for me. David has an excellent sense of humor and keeps me laughing. Thanks for all you do!

Very well done!

This is a well-produced and informative podcast. While there are obvious sponsor plugs, the amount of time spent discussing the sponsor's product is not too much to be a turn-off. There are several segments to the show featuring timely scans of latest news, in-depth research discussion, answers to listeners' questions, and always a bit of motivation. This is becoming one of my favorite health podcasts.

Great Podcast!

Dave is very easy to listen to and motivating.

Hi Dave

I am so glad to hear you again on these podcasts! YOU keep me motivated! YOU make a difference in my day and life. You have struggled along with us and you have made these podcasts down to earth. You say how you feel and I believe in you. You have become a friend, a motivator, a true blue weight loss guide. When I first started hearing your podcasts, you made me understand what and how to lose weight. When you left the podcast cause you felt you let us down, well my friend, you only let yourself down and I truly missed you. I listen to other podcast but when you talk you speak to us, not at us, you are genuine and I love it! Please never stop doing these podcasts and good luck with your weight loss and on becoming engaged. I have lost 25 pounds and have a lot more to go. Have a Happy Holiday....