May 24, 2021

Safely Start HIIT Safely

Safely Start HIIT Safely

Today I bring on Michael Merlino from who joined the School of Podcasting who is has been a fitness trainer for 23 years. 



I'm down 1.3 lb.



04:39 3 Main Components of Fitness

10:00 When Dave Overdid it

11:41 Full Body Vs Split Body Workouts

13:24 Studies on Getting Hurt

14:21 Females Who Are Worried About Bulking Up

16:56 How Important is Tracking Workouts?

18:50 Nutrition Insights

23:33 Client Story

Here is an App that makes it easy to do HIIT.



Here is a tutorial on easy to Seconds Interval trainer 

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Michael MerlinoProfile Photo

Michael Merlino

Certified Fitness Trainer, Certified Running Coach

Michael Merlino is the Founder & Head Coach of In-Flight Running. I’m a running coach and fitness trainer with 23 years of experience coaching runners and fitness clients on weight management, general fitness, improving sports performance and running of course.