July 13, 2020

The Bank of Fitness - Compound Choices

The Bank of Fitness - Compound Choices

Frequent Deposits of Healthy Choices Add Up

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I am again inspired by the book Chasing Cupcakes. It's one of my favorite books. It had a really good part about setting expectations and pushing one when you want to quit.

July 4th Set My Back

There was pie and a 3 lb weight gain. I was like, "WHAY?!?" but there it was. This undid about two weeks worth of focusing on weight loss. All gone in one day. It seems weight loss is so hard.

Think of Weight Loss Like a Bank

How do you save money? One dollar at a time. There is an article that explains taking a penny that doubles every day or a million dollars now. You want to take the penny. (see article) .

You don't wake up some day and go "Wow, I'm rich." You've worked at it over time, and made good choices.

In the same way one workout does not make you fit. One healthy meal does not mean you're going to drop lbs tomorrow. You are putting deposits into the bank of fitness and over time with consistent deposits, that compound over time (improving your muscles which burn more calories) eventually you will wake up and go, "Hey who is that in the mirror?"

Don't Quit on a Bad Day

I heard this from three different sources this week, so I knew I had to include it in the podcast. Don't quit on a bad day (I heard this in the book Chasing Cupcakesas well as from a friend.)

Instead of quitting on a bad day, wait until a good day when you are in a better frame of mind (and also are less likely to quit).

Focus on your next choice, and make it a good one.

First Impression of the Lumen

There is a say you can't manage what you don't track. There is a device that can now measure your metabolism by analyzing your breath. It's called the Lumen.

I just started using it this week. I love how well it is put together and packaged. It's super easy to use, and the app (both android and iOs) walks you through using the device and explaining your results.

The device is based on proven science and by breathing into the device it measures if you're burning more carbs or fat.

I love how focused they are on delivering accurate data so you can make informed choices. I'm looking forward to using it going forward to see what I can learn. see www.logicalloss.com/lumen

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