June 26, 2020

The Most Important Part of Weight Loss is NOT Diet or Exercise

The Most Important Part of Weight Loss is NOT Diet or Exercise

If you find yourself in front of the fridge when you're not hungry, then I have a book for you. If you think affirmations are woo-w00, we have a great example as to why they are not.

I'm listening to the book Chasing Cupcakes by Elizabeth Benton and it's a really good book. If you find yourself starring at the fridge when you're not hungry, this book is for you. 


I'm proud to announce that I'm down to 227 (1 lb since my last episode). 


If you are somewhere where you can write, start a list of all the things you think you CAN'T do, and then start a list of things you CAN do. If you're like me, the CAN'T far exceeds the cans. We just love to beat ourselves up. We're good at it as we practice all the time. 

Elizabeth makes a great point in her book. If words don't matter (as we often blow off our self deprecating humor) then go in and write "YOU SUCK" on the mirror before your kids get up so they see it EVERY DAY. 

NOBODY would do that to their kid, but yet we say all sorts of negative things to ourselves EVERY DAY. Elizabeth says we need to quit listening to ourselves and instead start talking to ourselves. 

Over the years I've gone from thinking affirmations are "Woo-woo" to "I think these are helping" and with this example, I TOTALLY GET why affirmations work. 

If you're new to Audible you can get the book FOR FREE. If you don't like it return it. If you like it but don't want a subscription, cancel and keep the book. MORE INFORMATION

I'm a big fan of the ThinkUp App (for both iOs and Android) 


Thoughts Drive Choices

Choices repeated turn into Habits

Your habits create Results

Your results inform your beliefs

Your beliefs generate more of the thoughts that drive choices, that drive habits, that drive results that drive beliefs.

Thought: "I have no will power."

Choice: You eat when you're not hungry

Habit: Eating at all hours of the day (hungry or not)

Result: Weight gain, self-loathing. That loathing leads to more negative thoughts. 


When you start to recognize those negative thoughts, talk back to them, and you will slowly change those negative thoughts. 

I'm a big fan of the ThinkUp App (for both iOs and Android) 

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