March 8, 2021

Clay has Lost 19 lbs since January

Clay has Lost 19 lbs since January

My Weigh In

In my last episode, I was 233. I'm up to 234. I was doing better. In January I completed my goals 50.4%. I February I got that up to 61.4% but as you can see there is room for improvement. Currently, I'm at 54% for March so I need to get my butt in gear.

Clay Groves Has Lost 19 lbs in Three Months

Clay is the Chief Fish Nerd at he is one of my favorite people in podcasting and is nice enough to share what is working for him.

Clay chose to do one thing a month.

He has his treadmill set to10 on the incline.

January was to get on the treadmill

February was his diet.

He treated his health like he was an addict.

How to fight the SNE

March he added weight lifting

Fat wants fat - why it's hard to lose weight when you were fat.

Have Bad Minutes - not bad Days

Understanding your Emotions and Overeating

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Kinky Fish

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