July 20, 2014

Is Facebook Making You Fat

Is Facebook Making You Fat

Why Comparing Your Life To Everyone May Drive You To the Fridge

Why Diet's Are Doomed

I was at a Casting Crowns concert and Mark Hall the lead singer made a great point. You start a diet when you are full and feel awful. You are inspired by the way you feel. You jump into everything you see. You buy P90X, and schedule time to jog every day after you do the work out, you buy Shakeology and get on the monthly program. It's Sunday night. You're pumped up. While you are waiting for the new tools to arrive, something happens. You get hungry. You are strong and ready to take on the world because you're full.  When you are hungry you get weak. The problem is many times you are not hungry for food. You are hungry for love (ladies) and men you are hungry for respect. You are hungry for sleep, money, and many other things, but you try to fill that hole with food. Stay strong. Identify your weaknesses.

Is Facebook Making you Fat?

Instead of mirror  mirror on the wall who is the fairest one of all, we are saying smart phone show me the facebook, tell me how my life should look. Tell me tell me instagram, tell me who you think I am. When we compare ourselves to others, we fall into traps. All the sudden the Ford focus we were happy with, is no longer good enough because the neighbor got some new fancy hybrid car with a cooler stereo. We  need to adopt the attitude of gratitude. When we compare ourselves we are guaranteed to find to find something we don't have and focus on it. This creates a want, that we can't fill. But we will try - with food. Notice I didn't say a need. I said it creates a want. Nobody is posting, "Hey I just gained 5 pounds", or , "My son just got busted for drugs again." Facebook is not real. Don't believe the hype. Now I love facebook. It allows me to stay connected with friends and family. I also realize that this is not a 100% true picture of their life. 6 Reasons You're Gaining Weight

  1. You are following every trend
  2. Your life has changed
  3. You're getting older (it's true)
  4. You could use some sleep
  5. You're losing muscle
  6. It's time to review what's working

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