Feb. 1, 2016

Rip60 Suspension Trainer Review

Rip60 Suspension Trainer Review

A great alternative to the TRX

So I've always had my eye on a TRX system. But at a price point of $189, it was a bit too rich for my blood. So when I heard Jillian Michaels has endorse the RIP60 tool, and then I saw where it clocked in at $75 I was inticed. A couple of quick YouTube videos later I was sold. The piece looks super solid, and that's because it is. It comes with 8 DVDs, a meal plan, and a wall chart.

The DVD are well put together but the guy on the video really lost me when he kept reminding me that my body was a river of energy on disk one. It's a little too Berkeley for me. I just wanted someone to show my what exercises to do. The warm was 30 minutes of a 60 minute workout. I didn't have the  patience for this (or the fitness) and I tapped out after 20 minutes. For the next two days my legs were killing me, so if you're new to fitness, go in lightly. The workout it delivers.

The other dumb thing about the unit, is although it is built like a tank, the harness is designed to have you putting your weight so that you are leaning in the direction that the door closes. Now I don't know about you, but every placed I've ever lived, my bedroom door opens in. This means I have to exercise in the hallway with my weight pulling the door closed. While this works, I had to mount it to my bathroom door, and watch the dvd in my bedroom. Not convenient. It does seem that the best place for this is not on a door (even though they give you a nice cover to go over the door) but more in the basement where you can tie it to the rafters

My solution was to purchase a $5 app called Virtual Trainer Suspension - Virtual Trainer I like the app. You have all sorts of exercises group by fitness level and you can easily see what muscles are worked. I group a bunch of exercises together (some for legs, some for arms and chest) and got to work. The Virtual Trainer app would count of when to start doing an exercise and when to stop and rest. It doesn't count reps, you specify in second how long you want to do an exercise. This worked, and I was using my phone. The next time I'm going to use my iPad.

While I'm happy I bought it, and it definitely delivers a great workout. As I'm not using the DVDs, I could've done with something like the Gravity Straps from GetFit (sold on fitmoo) For $40 and bought the app and saved $30.  If I didn't want the app for exercises I could have got the fitdeck cards FitDeck - TRX Suspension Trainer for $15. Other options are the G strap Pro (in blue or red for $49)

All in all I'm glad I got it. Not a ton of buyers remorse, and I see myself using it even though I don't have a basement or a DVD player in the hallway. It is built strong, it versatile, and it setup in minutes (as apposed to my old Total Gym where half my workout was dragging it out from under the bed, setting it up, etc).

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