Feb. 2, 2021

Weight Loss Tips From Socrates

Weight Loss Tips From Socrates

An unexamined life is not worth living.

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Socrates said, "An unexamined life is not worth living." With January in the books, what did you learn about yourself?

I set six daily goals and with January in the books, I was successful 50.4% of the time. We all have to start someplace.


  • 80 oz of water 67%
  • 7 Hours of Sleep 67%
  • Scale Went Down 58%
  • Took a Multivitamin 54%
  • 30M of Exercise 42%
  • 1900 Calories 17%


I started the month at 235.3 (a new record high for me) and I ended the month at 234.03. As I wanted to be 231, I was off from my goal, but I did lose (so it could be worse)

Leave Yourself Some Margin

I had a hard drive crash. So many times when I went to do something I had to start from scratch. In the end I'm getting my files back (4 TB of data thanks to Backblaze) but the 9 days without the files I need to operate really put a new level of stress on me that had me taking more trips to the kitchen. When I opened my Healthy Wage app, it let me know in very clear words, "I'm behind my goal." OK, we get that.


That is over. Let's put it behind us and focus on what we can do to turn it around. So by looking at what I was doing right (and this meant tracking EVERYTHING that went in my mouth) and what I wasn't it was OBVIOUS that I need to focus on the calories going into my body.


Not really a surprise, but the data smacked me in the head and got me to refocus.


The Amazon Halo - More than a Tone of Voice Detector

I spoke about the Amazon Halo when it first came out. We all were interested in the "tone of voice detection" and that it took somewhat creepy 3D pictures of you and stated that it was super accurate in regards to body fat percentage.


The device stated it was distraction-free, and consequently, I ignored it most of the time I ignored. This week I started to look at the exercise and labs and some of these were interesting. I like the guided "win won for the gipper" kind of talks on 10 minute walks (great for walking around the block). There are labs (goals) like "Drink a glass of water before every meal." The bad news is you need to keep the app in front of you (put it on the front screen of your phone). You can have it send notifications to your phone (but for me, those are easy to get lost in the sea of notifications). In the end, it is YOU who has to keep focused on your goals.


The nice thing is these extra programs from different sources (like weight watchers, headspace, etc) are only $4 a month. That beats some of these other monthly fees for things like peleton, fit, apple.


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