Nov. 25, 2013

You’re Only As Good As Your Competition – 12 Tips To Survive ThanksGi…

Thanksgiving is a holiday that helps us reflect on what we're thankful for. It can also cause many well-intentioned dieters a gre…

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Nov. 18, 2013

Train Your Brain – The Power of Affirmations

Today we interview Dana Wilde author of the Book Train Your Brain How to Build a Million Dollar Business in Record Time. It was k…

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Nov. 9, 2013

Your Food Eating Plan

I started using a great software called You Need a Budget that allows you to track your income and expenses via your phone and PC…

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Oct. 24, 2013

Distracting Yourself With Games Goji Play Makes Exercising Fun

I recently switched to myfitnesspal.com (MFP) as it worked with the BodyMedia Link (which I recently purchased. One of the things…

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Oct. 14, 2013

New Biggest Loser Season Starts Tonight – New Gadgets!

Today I am pumped up about the new season of the Biggest Loser. I am armed with a new Body Media Link system (like the ones on th…

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Oct. 6, 2013

Eat Less Exercise More – Still True

Today I find some stories on the Internet where science is backing up the following: - 1. It's the food 2. We need to exercise mo…

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Sept. 29, 2013

The Benefits of Gratitude

I found a poem about Grattiude that got me thinking: - “Be thankful that you don’t already have everything you desire, - If you d…

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Sept. 19, 2013

Can You Do More Than You Think?

Today's episode is different. It was recorded in the stairwell of the federal building in Downtown Cleveland on my lunch hour. I …

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Sept. 12, 2013

Could You Walk There Instead?

Today I relay the story of walking to the grocery store on my lunch. It helped pass the time, and I got my exercise in. I also ta…

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Sept. 2, 2013

The Power of Habit – 3, 2, 1, TURN!

Today I explain my observations on the power of habits. I recently had to put my dog of 14 years (Dudley ) to sleep. It was hard,…

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Aug. 5, 2013

McDonald’s Burgers “Unfit for human consumption” – Carepass

Organize All Your Health Data in Carepass You can set your unique health and fitness goals with CarePass. It then helps you disco…

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July 22, 2013

The Farmer and the Hunter

Today we talk about how we all want to be hunters (where you quickly get to eat) instead of farmers (where you work hard over a l…

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July 7, 2013

Battling Anxiety and Depression

Today we look at some tips from a cheat sheet on dealing with Anxiety and Depression. Could this be you? Here are some signs: I …

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June 16, 2013

31 Replacements for Fat Talk

Fat talk is body-specific speech that focuses on the size, shape, weight, or appearance of someone’s body in relation to being fa…

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May 26, 2013

Kicking Your “But” to the Curb

Today I share with you some ways to change the wording that goes on in your head. You can always find an excuse to not do the rig…

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May 12, 2013

You Can’t Run Away From Yourself

Today I explain how I felt kind of ashamed doing the podcast as I wasn't losing any weight. I had started off the year on the rig…

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April 29, 2013

Bacon Makes it Better?

Have no fear, bacon is here! With Americans gobbling up more than 1.7 billion pounds of bacon each year, Destination America brin…

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March 25, 2013

The Hardest Exercise You Will Ever Do Is…

Today I talk about the hardest exercise I will ever have to do. This podcast is a glimpse inside my mind (where the true battle f…

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March 7, 2013

Slow and Steady Is Not So Bad

In this week's episode I talk about the following: - 1. I "Flunked out" of Leanness Lifestyle University - 2. Owning the fact tha…

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Feb. 27, 2013

A New Take on Pain

In today's show, I'm glad to be down to 208.2, but I had recorded this on my usual (Saturday) I was at 210 (Slightly up). The key…

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Feb. 19, 2013

Just Doing It

Today I'm proud to announce that I'm down to 211.8 (I started the year at 217). Part of it has been my participation in Leanness …

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Feb. 3, 2013

Accountability Partner – Tom Jordan – Journaling

Fitness Accountability Partner Today Dave introduces another new friend. Last week we met Dave Greenwalt of Lifestyle 180, and th…

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Jan. 28, 2013

Lifestyle 180 – Get Healthy and Win Cash

Today we have the return of David Greenwalt who is a certified wellness coach, and I wanted to share some information about his L…

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Jan. 21, 2013

What is Working So Far

Today I'm glad to report I'm down to 214.2 (from 217 last episode). What's different? 1. I'm exercising 30 minutes at least two t…

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